• Arcosanti festival - 2015

    High-Country Bluegrass Festival

  • Barnstormers

    Park Slope Jamboree

  • East Coast Band w-fiddle

    Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival

  • The Bottom Line 5 - red photo

    James Reams

  • James Reams & The Barnstormers

    James Reams & The Barnstormers

    Based in Phoenix, AZ

  • James Reams & The Barnstormers
L to R:  Tyler James, Billy Parker, James Reams, and Dan Meyer

    James Reams & The Barnstormers

    West Coast Band

  • James Reams & The Barnstormers - East Coast

    James Reams & The Barnstormers

    East Coast Band


    James Reams in Concert

  • BSEC - James closeup 2

    James Reams

A bluegrass band that was nominated by the International Bluegrass Music Association in 2002 as Emerging Artist of the Year, James Reams & The Barnstormers provide a contemporary take on traditional bluegrass; blending it with innovation and vitality to create their own branch on the “roots” tree. Music critic Jerry Paul (former editor of Acoustica) described lead singer James Reams: “James is such an inspiration to watch. He truly feels his music, and sings from his very soul. If James is ever within your area, he is a ‘must see’ bluegrass icon.” Raised in eastern Kentucky but now living in Phoenix, James Reams puts a layer of desert grit over a solid base of traditional bluegrass music. His band treads the terrain where bluegrass, old-time, classic country and rockabilly meet in the night to swap stories.

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