Interview with “I Had to Ask” Hosted by Lillian Freeman

Lillian Freeman Interviews JamesWhile I was at the 2015 World of Bluegrass I ran into the energetic and engaging host of “I Had to Ask” a podcast that covers a multitude of topics but when it comes to music…it’s all about bluegrass. Lillian Freeman is just 13 years old and yet the questions she poses are the most insightful that I’ve ever been asked. She had me bareing my soul in no time! We talked quite a bit about the impetus behind my new album, Rhyme & Season, which will be coming out in March and how childhood/young adult experiences shaped this concept album. I was delighted to speak with her and hope you enjoy the conversation as well. Here’s the link:  Episode 38: Interview with James Reams.

2016 is Shaping Up to be a BIG year!

Wow! We’re barely into the new year and I’m already overwhelmed by all the great happenings coming up just in the first quarter! We’ll be laying down the final tracks for the new album in February and shooting for a street date in late March. Also, I just got word that I’ve been accepted into the IBMA Leadership Bluegrass Class of 2016…what an honor!

birthday cake

AND, to top off this first quarter of the new year, I’ll be having a BIG birthday celebration on January 10th. No, I’m not telling you just how big, but believe me when I say it’s a big one! So in honor of all the great stuff going on, I hope you’ll give your local bluegrass DJ a call and ask them to play a song by yours truly to help me celebrate! It’s certainly the best gift for a musician!!

Warm Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!

As I walk around in shirt sleeves and sandals, I’m reminded how blessed I am to be here in sunny Arizona and to be doing what I love the most…making music. The new album is in it’s final stages and I just get more excited each time we complete another song. Life is indeed good and I have so much to be thankful for, including all of you! I hope and pray that you and your loved ones have a safe, wonder-filled and peaceful holiday season.

You did it!!

I felt like it was New Year’s Eve all over again this weekend as I watched the clock countdown the final hours of the Kickstarter Campaign for my new project, Rhyme & Season. If I had thought to purchase a bottle of champagne to celebrate, I would have been popping the cork…instead I popped the top on a can of soda and pretended. But nothing could dampen my excitement as the campaign reached the goal and I realized that I could start booking the recording studio! Thanks to you, the album will remain on schedule for release in November, 2015. I’ll be posting album updates periodically here on the website just to keep you informed about the album’s progress so check back regularly. Woohoo! I’m still celebrating!

It’s the Final Push for Kickstarter – We’re Almost There!

Goal ThermometerThe last days of the Kickstarter Campaign to help with the production costs of my newest album, Rhyme & Season, are here. The campaign will end at midnight on Sunday, May 31st. I’m so close I can taste it!! But, if the $5000 goal isn’t reached by midnight on 5/31, then the campaign will be terminated as if it never happened at all. I won’t receive a penny and none of the pledgers will be charged.

I just need $1500 more and we’ll make it. If you have been waiting to see if this project is for real, check out the article that appeared last week in Bluegrass Today. If you were waiting to see if we were going to fund…stop waiting and start pledging!

This is it…if the campaign doesn’t fund, then production will be delayed until I can raise the money. Putting out an album on your own has it’s perks (artistic freedom being HUGE!) but that means that I also have to lay out a lot of money upfront for licensing, studio rental, mixing, graphics as well as paying the special guests that will appear on the album. That adds up to a pile of cash and last time I looked, I hadn’t won the lottery yet. My well is just about dried up and I sure hate to delay this project. Please, dig deep and support this project now.

In the News

Bluegrass Today Article 5:18:15


Hey folks, in case you didn’t notice Richard Thompson of Bluegrass Today ran an article about my new album, Rhyme & Season, on May 18th. This guy has a great way with words and turned just a few comments from me into a beautiful, well-written article that I hope you enjoy reading it!