DBA JamI got to see firsthand the wonderful work that the Desert Bluegrass Association does to promote Bluegrass in southern Arizona when I went to Tucson to host a screening of the film documentary “Making History with Pioneers of Bluegrass” that I produced. Once a month, as part of their monthly meeting, the DBA offers an amazing workshop for youngsters that focuses on a variety of bluegrass instruments. It was a school night, but many of those kids stuck around for the film screening as they wanted to pick up some kernels of wisdom from the men and women that created this music that we love.

James at Screening

Of course, it’s always great to hear people laughing at the funny stories and adventures as well as wiping away a tear or two at the words of a well-loved pioneer that has since passed on. It was a big crowd and it was an honor for me to be there. Hearing them shout out in recognition of their own heroes like JD Crowe or Kenny Baker made all that hard work to put the film together worthwhile.

I was loading up the car after everyone had left and getting ready to head back home to the Phoenix area when my car wouldn’t start. Nothing but a dead click when I turned the key. Well, I sat for awhile and sent up a prayer or two, then turned the key again. VRROOOM! It started right up. What a blessing! And that’s just how my life has been ever since I came to Arizona…just filled with blessings that have come in the oddest packages! I’m so happy and thrilled to have met so many wonderful people of the DBA and am looking forward to performing at the Marana Bluegrass Festival next month. Hope to see you there!

If your Association or any other group would like to sponsor a screening of the film “Making History with Pioneers of Bluegrass: Tales of the Early Days in Their Own Words” just let me know. In most cases, there’s no charge for a screening.

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