Tempe Fest of Arts 2 The Tempe Festival of the Arts was this past weekend and I was thrilled to be a part it. This show featured over 400 artists in 18 different categories plus performances by 12 different bands and I don’t know how many street entertainers. What a great family-friendly event! And even though it was primarily an art crowd, they sure loved our bluegrass sound! We had ’em dancing in the aisles and stomping their feet. The kids in particular seemed totally spellbound by the lightning fast licks from band members Billy Parker and Tyler James. I saw lots of old friends and made a whole batch of new ones!

One of those good friends that made it out to the show was Carolyn Szatkowski. She is one fantastic autoharpist! I had the pleasure of performing with her last year and she wowed the audience so much they jumped to their feet in a standing ovation! Well, seems that Carolyn has a new album out entitled “Gratitude” and I urge all you autoharp afficianados out there to check it out. The album also features another performer that I have had the pleasure to work with, Doug Bartlett on fiddle. When Carolyn and Doug lay into “Sweet Somethin’ Steady” you have to resist the urge to get up and dance!

Once again, the Mill Avenue District in Tempe has proven why it’s called the entertainment center of the Phoenix-Metro area. If you missed the Tempe Festival of the Arts this year, shame on you and I sure hope you don’t make the same mistake twice!

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