Prescott Bluegrass FestivalIf you missed the Prescott Bluegrass Festival this past weekend, then shame on you. It was a terrific event held right on the historic courthouse square. I don’t know how many people showed up, from where I was standing on stage it looked like thousands of smiling faces! This truly was a family friendly event. Lots of youngsters got their first taste of bluegrass…and they LIKED it!! And that sure brings a smile to my face!Kidding Around in Prescott

We debuted an original tune written by our banjo player, Tyler James, at Sunday’s show and the crowd ate it up. Plus our mandolin player, Billy Parker, had a chance to show off his vocal skills on a solo performance. Blaine Sprouse was amazing and the band’s rendition of “Jerusalem Ridge” had the crowd on their feet and roaring approval.

Redbird Boots And speaking of debuts, my one-of-a-kind custom made boots from PK Bootmakers in Prescott made their debut on stage this weekend. They were like wearing kid gloves and so danged comfortable I may just sleep with my boots on! A special thank you to Paul Krause for making them for me. It’s an honor to wear these works of art.

It was great to escape the heat of the Valley for the weekend and just hang out with bluegrass followers and fellow musicians. Prescott really knows how to put on a show. Our hats are off to the Prescott Chamber of Commerce and especially Scott Currey. Well done!happy fans in Prescott

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