Park Slope Bluegrass/Old-Time Jamboree:
Just a Big Old Time!

Brooklyn might seem an unlikely place for an old-time bluegrass music festival. But it's like a homecoming party at the Park Slope Bluegrass/ Old-Time Jamboree, held every year in September. It brings together musicians and fans of the traditional American music born in the mountains of Appalachia.

James Reams, host of the Jamboree, said, "We try to keep things on a small scale. We want people to feel at home and have a good time. The only thing big is the big time we hope everyone has!" Despite plans to keep it small, the Jamboree attracts more than 700 people over the day and a half of the festival. It's held both indoors in the rooms of the 100-year-old Ethical Culture Meeting House, as well as outdoors on the building's park-like grounds, so passers-by, attracted by the music, come in, kids and all, and wind up staying through the evening.

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