January 25, 2013: 20th Anniversary Celebration Kicks off in January

As the band and I were cannonballing down the highway to the Bluegrass in the Park Festival in Yuma, I received an email from noted columnist, Richard Thompson, that Bluegrass Today was running a special article about me on the front page of the e-zine. When I read the article, all those memories of 20 years in the bluegrass business came flooding back. It was intense!

When I finally arrived at the festival and got to the warm up tent, I saw one of the Get Down Boys sleeping in a corner and it reminded me of back when I was a kid. I used to go to bluegrass festivals with my dad and uncles, living off donuts and coffee (don’t tell my mom!) and sleeping anywhere I could lay my head, just for the chance to see the greats like Bill Monroe, the Stanley Brothers, and Lester Flatt.

Back then I had stardust in my eyes as I looked up at those legends on stage in their fancy clothes and shiny boots playing the best instruments money could buy. Now, as I change into my own dress clothes in the warm up tent, balancing on a tiny piece of cardboard in order to keep my socks dry and gulping down a tin of sardines, that stardust is still there every time I walk out on stage.

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