I was contacted by a reporter from West Virgina for permission to use I song I wrote back in 2001 about the Buffalo Creek Flood on their show “Inside Appalachia” which will air this Sunday at 7 AM and 6 PM (also available as a downloadable podcast). Of course I was more than happy to have them use the song and I hope that many of you will have an opportunity to listen in to the program or download it from their website. It just reminded me once again of the power of music in our world. As a songwriter, I look for events and issues that really speak to my heart for inspiration. Sometimes the songs that result surprise me. They seem to take me over as they struggle to life. As I work on new material for my next album, it’s good to be reminded that the songs I’ve written in the past are still being used to tell the story and raise awareness years later. By the way, “Buffalo Creek Flood” is available on the Barnstormin’ album that can be downloaded for free from NoiseTrade. Enjoy!

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