•  J.D. Crowe:  “Go back and learn it from the start, learn where it came from, learn that first. That’s where it is. That’s where it all happens.”
  • Bobby Osborne:  “I didn’t care if I made any money, just to get by was all I wanted.”
  • Eddie Adcock: “Most bluegrass musicians, even though we’re eating sardines and Vienna sausages, we always thought we’d make it someday.”
  • Paul Williams: “Be what you are, wherever you’re at. When you sing the song, live the part.”
  • Jimmy Martin: “I always try to put a feelin’ in the song, and sing what the song is about. Like “Shake Hands with Mother Again”, ever time I sing that song I’m a thinkin’ of mother and the last time I seen her in the casket.”
  • Curly Seckler:  “Back then they never heard of bluegrass, they called it hillbilly music, country music and so forth…Course, I don’t care what they call it – I LIKE IT! I’ll tell you one thing, it’s just like a good Martha White biscuit, goodness gracious it’s GOOOOOD! And I LIKE it!”


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