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  • Early Review: “More than two dozen musicians who played pivotal roles in the development of bluegrass music provide a treasure trove of candid comments, history and stories. Filmed from 2002 to 2008, this unique documentary preserves these brief, informal Q&A clips, made more precious by the passing away of many of these legends since this project’s inception.” ~ Stephanie P. Ledgin, award-winning author, Homegrown Music: Discovering Bluegrass
  • Review by Al Shusterman, KCBL Radio (California): “The Pioneers of Bluegrass gives the viewers both novices and hardcore bluegrass fans insight into the life experiences of many well-known bluegrass musicians. This DVD captures their true life stories of growing up, how they got into this business, and some experiences of their road travels. Musicians both past and present were interviewed. I was riveted to this DVD the entire time it was playing. It is a ‘Must Have’ for all bluegrass fans who want to know how it all started!!”
  • Review from Buddy Merriam, WUSB 90.1 FM (New York): “I truly enjoyed the ‘Pioneers’ DVD, it’s something all bluegrass lovers should see and learn from. Thank you so much for putting all that hard work into a well-needed project.”
  • Review from Arizona Republic: “Excellent film!”
  • Radio interview with James Reams about “Making History with Pioneers of Bluegrass” aired 8/16/13 on WFDU’s “Lonesome Pine RFD” program hosted by Carol Beaugard and 8/26/13 on WAMU’s Bluegrass Country.
  • Radio interview (Part 1) with James Reams about the first generation of bluegrassers aired 10/16/13 from WAMU’s “Bluegrasss Review” program hosted by Phil Nusbaum.
  • Radio interview (Part 2) with James Reams about Bill Monroe to be aired in November, 2013 from WAMU’s “Bluegrass Review” program hosted by Phil Nusbaum.

Viewer comments:

  • “I have just finished watching the DVD twice and I just had to write to you to express my thanks for your passion for this project. It is evident from the first line to the very last fiddle note by Art Stamper. Wow!” ~ a fellow Bluegrass Nut
  • “I appreciated the video and was happy to support its’ production. I’m from Kentucky and grew up with this music. Bless you for reviving memories.” ~ Doris S., Kentucky
  • “The DVD was well conceived and executed. I had fun listening to the anecdotes and became a more rounded and educated bluegrass fan. James, your DVD adds so much more to the story of bluegrass. I feel as though I am living those times with the musicians. I will cherish it and watch it over and over.” ~ Gary R., Virginia
  • “James , I was very impressed with your DVD. Looks like a lot of time and energy went into your project. I saw a couple of surprises while watching, one was Charlie Bailey, that was neat. The other was Mac Martin and Mike Carson, Mac is my uncle and it’s great to see him getting some attention. You did a great job with all the interviews, lots of luck!” ~  John M., Pennsylvania
  • “That’s a real fine compilation of Bluegrass Greats! You did GOOD! So interesting to hear the down-home stories from the personalities. Also how they all come from humble folks and paid their dues over the years… that is a dandy DVD!” ~ Drew S., New York