Music to My Ears

Releasing a concept album unleashes a whole lot of questions from listeners…and that’s a good thing! Many of you have wanted to know why I chose the songs that appeared on my new album “Rhyme & Season.” Others, mostly reviewers, wanted to know why I called the album “Rhyme & Season.” And lately I’ve been getting more questions about the homeless and how you can get involved. THAT’S music to my ears!!

Behind the Songs LogoI’ve sent out six announcements that delve into the reasons for each song choice as well as the reason for the album. In case you missed any of them, I’ve posted them on the website under Recordings>Rhyme & Season>Behind the Songs. You’ll also find the lyrics and the names of bandmates that were featured on each song.

I love receiving your comments and hope that you’ll let me know how this collection of songs moved you. You can email me at

May is Bluegrass Music Month – Let’s Celebrate!

May Bluegrass Month

Help me celebrate the music that we love during the month of May. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Post a comment on Facebook or Twitter
  • Join a Yahoo discussion group about Bluegrass (I have 2 of them AZ Bluegrass-Oldtime and NY Bluegrass-Oldtime)
  • Subscribe to an online bluegrass magazine to keep up with the latest news in the industry
  • Add to your collection of great bluegrass music (check out the free download of my album, Barnstormin’, from NoiseTrade)
  • Ask your local DJ to play a song from your favorite bluegrass band
  • Visit the International Bluegrass Music Museum (at least check out their website and maybe make a donation)
  • Support your local bluegrass association by becoming a member
  • Jam with some friends on your backporch
  • Proudly wear your bluegrass shirts and hats (if you need some new stuff, check out the store on my website)
  • Go to a bluegrass festival and have some fun!!