Honoring the Spirit of Motherhood

Mother’s Day invites us to honor the strength and courage of mothers past and present. Not so long ago, mothers held their little ones close and offered hope for the future as the family farm fell to the auctioneer’s hammer. Today, homeless mothers and their children litter our streets in a scenario that hasn’t changed much in a hundred years. Mothers are still the glue that holds families together.

This Mother’s Day I hope you’ll request your favorite DJ to play a song I wrote called “Troubled Times,” the title track from my CD of the same name. This song embodies the faith and love of mothers everywhere when faced with hard times. The lyrics are just as true today as more and more families become homeless due to foreclosures.

I am continuing to prep material for my newest album, Rhyme & Season, which I hope will raise awareness about those who are homeless…but I need your help. If you haven’t already contributed to the Kickstarter Campaign, please listen to “Troubled Times” available for a short time on my website. This heartfelt song represents just one of the stories of the homeless. I hope you’ll help me tell a few more.

A Tribute to Mom

bluegrass blog - a tribute to Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up…as if one day to honor our mothers is ever enough. For many of us, our mothers were the ones that gave us the courage to pursue our dreams and supported us when the struggle to reach those dreams seemed overwhelming.

My mom was my number one fan. To say that she was influential in my career is like saying Bill Monroe was influential in bluegrass music! Back when I was just a little kid, she used to sing Carter Family songs with her sisters and was always urging me to join in. That’s how I learned to sing and harmonize. The words of those old songs still take me right back to our home in Kentucky and those summertime singalongs.

BW family When I moved to New York City to see if I could become a professional musician, she tried to talk me out of going, but gave in when she saw my heart was set on it. She wasn’t much for phone calls, but she sent me care packages from home so I wouldn’t become, in her words, “a starving musician out on the streets.”

And boy was she proud when I sent her my first album, you’d a thought I was the President! But when I was nominated by the IBMA as Emerging Artist of the Year in 2002, she said, “I’ve always believed in you.” And that meant more to me than any award.

She’s been the inspiration behind many of the songs I sing, heck, she’s the reason that I even sing at all. Just last year, I took her a big bouquet of spring flowers for Mother’s Day and her whole face lit up. She so loved bright, pretty flowers. This year, she’s gone. I know she’s still my number one fan up in heaven and that she’s now able to make it to every show. But, I still miss hearing her voice and that feeling of love that comes from a mother’s hug.

Dot Reams

Dorothy Reams 1924 ~ 2013