You did it!!

I felt like it was New Year’s Eve all over again this weekend as I watched the clock countdown the final hours of the Kickstarter Campaign for my new project, Rhyme & Season. If I had thought to purchase a bottle of champagne to celebrate, I would have been popping the cork…instead I popped the top on a can of soda and pretended. But nothing could dampen my excitement as the campaign reached the goal and I realized that I could start booking the recording studio! Thanks to you, the album will remain on schedule for release in November, 2015. I’ll be posting album updates periodically here on the website just to keep you informed about the album’s progress so check back regularly. Woohoo! I’m still celebrating!

Help Me Complete My New Album!

Seasons CoverHey folks! I’m just so excited about this new project. Everything is coming together and we’re getting ready to begin the recording phase. That’s when the expenses just get to be more than my pocketbook can manage. So, I’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the production costs associated with completing the album.

Check it out! You’ll notice that I’ve put together some enticing rewards for you, but more than that, I hope you’ll take pride in sponsoring an album that hopes to raise awareness about the homeless. I have to raise $5,000 by May 31st or the project won’t fund. Please help me get the word out by contacting your local bluegrass association, DJ, newspaper, friends…well, you get the idea!  Thanks so much!