“King of the Blues” Single and Video Release

“King of the Blues” Single and Video Release

The bluegrass balladeer James Reams releases the single and video for “King of the Blues,” from his recently released album Like a Flowing River & Soundtrack Album on Mountain Redbird Music. “King of the Blues” is a deep song that talks about the bitterness of a man’s life who is sad at his broken palace with nothing to lose; however, he is the king, the king of the blues. The video is available now on YouTube and JamesReams.com. Additionally, the song is available at all major streaming and purchasing outlets.

“I love this song because most of life experiences involve relationships. When relationships are over, they can leave complete chaos. Songwriting is wonderful because it’s self-expression which naturally lends itself to a story like this about the end of love and following destruction,” explains Reams.

The album is the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed documentary film, Like A Flowing River: A Bluegrass Passage, now available on Amazon Prime Video. The album includes 30 remastered tracks plus a bonus track; many are unreleased with some live recordings. In addition, James Reams collaborated with his band The Barnstormers and with legendary banjo player Walter Hensley and seminal musician Tom Paley on this album that acts as a 30-year retrospective.

Critics applaud the documentary, Like A Flowing River, A Bluegrass Passage, and agree this is a monumental soundtrack album.

“Like all of James’ work, it is another magnificent album from a great entertainer, singer, and consummate storyteller,” Greg McGrath, Australian Bluegrass.

“James Reams is one of bluegrass music’s unconventional stalwarts, an independent and evocative visionary. Like a Flowing River & Soundtrack Album serves as both an introduction to one of bluegrass music’s most interesting purveyors and as a transitory capstone to an unconventional bluegrass journey,” Country Standard Time.

Like A Flowing River & Soundtrack Album was released to radio programmers worldwide earlier this month and immediately landed in the #1 and #2 spots on AirPlay Direct’s Top Album Chart. Additionally, music fans can stream or purchase at all major outlets, including SpotifyApple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music.

James Reams and The Barnstormers are now on tour. Event producer Doug Tuchman, who was the first editor of Pickin’ Magazine and a DJ on NYC’s WKCR, says, “This is the best traditionally oriented bluegrass band in the area, bar none. They combine wonderful harmonies and instrumental back-up in a sensitive but energy-charged show.”

To book the band at your event or to get more information on James Reams and The Barnstormers, please visit JamesReams.com and on SpotifyInstagramYouTubeTwitter, and Facebook.


Melting Hearts for Valentines

ValentineUnlike a box of chocolates (“Are you trying to make me fat???”) and for less money than a bouquet of flowers (that die in a few days anyway), you can’t go wrong with the gift of bluegrass music on Valentine’s Day!

I know that not everyone is a romantic. Some guys get pretty nervous when Valentine’s Day rolls around and they haven’t got a clue what to do to impress their sweetie (and last year’s offer of a new bass boat might not have been as well received as some had hoped). Well, bluegrass music can save the day. How about a song that combines two of your favorite things…fishing and the love of your life? Set the mood with the bouncy bluegrass tune “I Caught a Keeper (when I caught you!)” What sweetheart could resist a sentiment like that???

Or perhaps you’re a straightforward kinda guy whose tongue gets all tangled up by sweet nuthins’. You want a song that will just come right out and say what you mean. Well then, I suggest “Just Loving You” as the perfect way to express yourself without actually having to use words.

Both of these songs are available on albums of mine and I sure would appreciate it if you contact your local DJ on Valentine’s Day and request one of these tunes to be dedicated to that special someone in your life. Or, if you own the albums (Wild Card and The Blackest Crow), then turn the lights down low, pour a couple of beers into a glass (trust me, they like that!), put the albums on the CD player, and get ready for some snuggle time as you gaze deeply into your loved ones eyes and let the songs do the talking. Hearts will melt, I guarantee!