The Mysterious Redbirds – 2000


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“…Here are three great musicians, with nothing to prove. They just lay into thirteen tunes – not even terribly obscure ones – and indulge in some great grooves and pristine empathy… Each member is a seasoned vet, with Tom Paley (the banjo player and a founding member of the immeasurably influential New Lost City Ramblers) being the most recognizable name. His clean clawhammer and three-finger playing is definitely an asset, and his treatment of the chestnut “I’ll Fly Away” is particularly dignified. Guitarist James Reams is a rock, the perfect foundation for this bass-less aggregation. Bill Christophersen’s fiddle sails on top of it all with a great balance of grit and elegance…” ~ Brad San Martin, Country Standard Time

“…The Mysterious Redbirds are an old-time trio composed of James Reams on guitar, Bill Christophersen on fiddle and Tom Paley on banjo, with all three handling the vocal chores, 1992-1998 feels like an old shoe. Comfortable from the first note, these three are perfectly suited to perform as a trio. The Redbirds approach their music from the song structure, not trying to duplicate anyone else. These are three master musicians playing in a loose congenial style that is so very engaging. The listener is treated to a session featuring three of the finest players, not unlike visiting the stalls of Galax or Mt. Airy. Don’t miss this one!” ~ Tom Druckenmiller, Sing Out! Magazine

  •  James Reams – guitar, lead vocals
  • Tom Paley – banjo, vocals
  • Bill Christophersen – fiddle, vocals